Samantha Verga Watson

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  • 1 Apple St Gloucester, MA 01930, USA - Gloucester
    Broken swing
  • Harvey Pl Gloucester, MA 01930, USA - Gloucester
    Broken swing
  • 12-14 Seeall St Gloucester, MA 01930, USA - Gloucester
    Our new speed limit sign is getting blown over by the wind - it was put up last week.
  • Stage Fort Park - Gloucester
    I took a group of parents and children up to stage fort for a walk and play today. We walked the paths through the rocks and then down through the field and back to the playground. There is an excessive amount of glass up on the rocks and in the field in front of the large rock. The playground was also in disrepair. There were no infant swings and all of the see saws were broken and/or missing. One parent even mentioned the chipping paint all over the old equipment. most of these parents were from other surrounding towns.its sad to see such an important and beautiful landmark look so terrible.
  • Seeall Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Currently, there is no posted speed limit on Seeall Street. Due to the road's steep incline, lack of sidewalks, narrowness and driveways a speed limit no more than 20mph would help make the street safer for walking, traveling and children playing. Excessive speed on this road continues to be a major concern of those directly living on Seeall Street. We have purchased "drive like your kids live here" reflective signs and would like them to be posted as well. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue!