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  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    135-179 Dale Street Boston, Massachusetts - Hyde Park
    Not technically broken but this ramp over the tracks is not accessible to anyone using a wheelchair or who needs a ramp for accessibility as there are several 3 inch or more barriers on each side of the tracks. The ramp is much safer than a grade crossing and can be used by those walking a bike or pushing a stroller who can pop wheelies over the "curbs".
  • 104 Otis Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Trash containers were at the curb on time. Recycling and yard waste were picked up, trash was not.
  • 275 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Not exactly a tree planting request but related to recently planted trees. These three look like they are not getting enough water, possibly because the ArborRain bags are around the supports instead of the tree itself. I've seen lots like this. Is it being done this way on purpose or by mistake? Instruction on ArborRain say to put it around the trunk of the tree and zip two together, if needed for larger trees.
  • 369-385 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    I believe these were used for the tree value signs a while back. The Tree value signs were removed but the Arborties straps were left on the trees. I removed two along Cambridge Street, there's still one around a street tree along the west side of Third (just north of Broadway, if I remember correctly). I see that Arborties website provides instructions for a knot which expands as the tree grows but I think this one and the two I removed were tied with square knots which will not expand as the trees grow.
  • Other Archived
    145 First Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    This is a safety issue. One of the parking meters on the west side of First St. between Rogers and Bent has a sharp wire wrapped around it sticking into sidewalk path of travel area. My husband, who has limited vision, has now had two dress shirts ripped because they got caught on it. Luckily this was not someone's skin or a child's eye. He twisted the wire away from the path of travel but was unable to remove it. The wire probably now has a small rectangle of pale yellow LL Bean shirt fabric on it.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Ramp Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    There is graffiti in several locations on the pedestrian ramp leading to Eliot Station. Not sure if this is Newton property or MBTA property. I will report it to the T as well.
  • Other Archived
    1-17 Tremont Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    Pedestrian signal to cross Tremont St. northwest to southeast at Williams does not appear to work.
  • 427 Main Street Wakefield, Massachusetts - Wakefield
    Crossing Main Street west to east north of Water the walk signal does not allow enough time to cross. Please lengthen the walk signal timing.
    (Why such a narrow choice of categories? How and where does one report issues which don't fall into one of the categories?)
  • 902-912 Walnut Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Crossing Walnut east to west on the south side of Beacon. The pedestrian signal is too short. Only enough time to get to the first triangular island and I walk fairly fast. No additional button on the islands. Please lengthen the timing of the ped. signal.
  • Other Archived
    83 Otis Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Someone has allowed his or her dog to use the corner of this tot lot nearest the intersection as a toilet and has not obeyed pooper scooper laws.
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    101 Dorchester Avenue Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Yield sign face down on the ground, bottom of pole bent.
  • Other Archived
    220 Revere Beach Boulevard Revere, Massachusetts - Revere

    All three hand railings along the steps to the beach from Revere Beach Blvd. are broken or missing. This is the set of steps between the two pavilions directly across from the walkway to/from Wonderland Station. Replacing the hand railing is possibly a DCR issue or maybe something Revere Beach Partnership could take on as a project.

    I have photos which I can add later.

  • 10 Winter Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    It's not technically missing. It's lying on the ground, probably knocked down by a snow plow.
  • Other Archived
    Northern Expressway Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Reported litter was gathered up and bagged on 1/30/17 but the garbage bags were left on the sidewalk...still there today.
  • Litter Archived
    22 D Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Not sure who owns these abandoned RR tracks. There is always lots of litter here. First photo is looking NE, second is looking SW.
  • Harvard St. At Kent Brookline, MA - Brookline
    This is a pedestrian signal with no button. The pedestrian signal is not working in either direction, remains on don't walk (red hand). Busy intersection for pedestrians as it is near bus stops for the 66, 65, and on the way to and from Brookline Village Station.
  • Litter Archived
    Northern Expressway Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    There's an accumulation of litter on the sidewalk against the fence on the SW corner of Cambridge St. at the off-ramp from 93. There is a lot more litter below the Expressway but I don't know if that is city land or owned by someone else.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    1-49 Leverett Circle Boston, Massachusetts - Central
    Pedestrian signal button is missing.
  • Blue Hill Ave. & Johnston Boston, Massachusetts - Mattapan
    Crossing Blue Hill Ave. west to east, pedestrian signal to cross from Johnston Rd. to median doesn't work and to cross median to Balsam flashes a countdown number of 99 then straight to don't walk.
  • Washington St. & E. Berkeley Boston, Massachusetts - South End
    Tactile tile at the curb cut and the area around it present a tripping hazard, particularly for seniors and persons with disabilities. The problem is also visible on Google street view from May of this year.