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  • 1101 Beacon St. Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Three second pedestrian signal is way to short to cross two slip lanes and two regular lanes. Please lengthen the ped signal. The 59 bus has stops here and passengers need to safely get to businesses in this area.
  • Other Acknowledged
    245 Massachusetts 99 Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Missing handrail on Ped flyover to stairs and ramp. brackets for the railing appear to have been damaged.
  • Mcgrath Highway At Rufo Road Somerville, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    How did the MBTA bus passenger get to the other side of the road? She didn't, because the pedestrian signal to cross McGrath from the SW to the NE wasn't working...please pass this on to whichever agency is in charge of this one.
  • 185 Third St. Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Stump removal and tree replacement here, please.
  • 116 Washington Avenue Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Ped signal to cross Washington from NW corner of Elm & Washington to NE corner of Washington & Park Ave. not working.
  • 104 Otis St. Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Trash and recycling were picked up. Yard waste was not.
  • Central Ave. & School St. Revere, MA - Revere
    This is an issue for crossing School St. at Central Ave and for crossing Central Ave from School St. to whatever the one across from it is called. This is near a bus route and near Revere High School. Please adjust so that either the button works for the next cycle or the ped signal is available each cycle if this a preset one.
  • Broadway Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Crossing Cushman at Broadway the ped signal doesn’t appear to work in either direction or it’s angled in such a way that it can’t be seen from the sidewalk across Cushman. This is near bus stops and near Revere High School. Lack of a working ped signal encourages pedestrians to cross whenever they feel like it and increases risk for all. The one crossing Broadway there took 3-5 cycles before it will work.
  • Pleasant & Bartlett Winthrop, MA - Winthrop

    Please coordinate with the MBTA to install bus stop signs for the 713 stops in both directions near Pleasant & Bartlett. Old-timer locals may know where all the bus stops are or at least the ones they use but anyone new to the area, visiting in the area, or new to using the buses could benefit from the existence of bus stop signs so they know where to wait...

    (It doesn’t make sense to require a category when there’s only one available and it doesn’t make sense in relation to the issue).

  • 54 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Yesterday the sign was laying face down on a utility box on the southwest corner. I didn't walk up that side today so didn't notice.
  • 1 Central Square Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    None of the dropdown choices really fit the situation.
    When crossing from the south corner to the west corner the APS says, "Massachusetts Avenue, walk sign is on to cross Massachusetts Avenue" when the walk sign is actually on to cross River/Western. This may be because the engineers couldn't figure out which to call it. This could be extremely dangerous for the blind, who the APS is there to help.
  • 65 Sciarappa Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    Vehicle parked in the crosswalk, blocking the curb cut. This is next to CHA apartments for seniors and persons with disabilities. SW corner of the intersection.
  • 225 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    Construction crew on the former bank on the northeast corner to turn it into a CVS have connected to the fire hydrant but the connection is not tight so water is running down the street. The storm drains along the way are blocked or clogged so it goes down to the storm drain in front of the fire station, the whole length of the block. This is not just a trickle so wasting lots of water.
  • Johnson Gate Harvard University bus stop, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    Big truck left unattended blocking the Johnson Gate bus stop around 3:20 pm today
    Charles George Waste disposal and recycling #413
    888-568-7274 Londonderry, NH USDOT 594815
    license plate 6799AR
  • 104 Otis Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Put out today since Monday was a holiday. Trash and compost got picked up but not recycling.
  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    135-179 Dale Street Boston, Massachusetts - Hyde Park
    Not technically broken but this ramp over the tracks is not accessible to anyone using a wheelchair or who needs a ramp for accessibility as there are several 3 inch or more barriers on each side of the tracks. The ramp is much safer than a grade crossing and can be used by those walking a bike or pushing a stroller who can pop wheelies over the "curbs".
  • 104 Otis Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Trash containers were at the curb on time. Recycling and yard waste were picked up, trash was not.
  • 275 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Not exactly a tree planting request but related to recently planted trees. These three look like they are not getting enough water, possibly because the ArborRain bags are around the supports instead of the tree itself. I've seen lots like this. Is it being done this way on purpose or by mistake? Instruction on ArborRain say to put it around the trunk of the tree and zip two together, if needed for larger trees.
  • 369-385 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    I believe these were used for the tree value signs a while back. The Tree value signs were removed but the Arborties straps were left on the trees. I removed two along Cambridge Street, there's still one around a street tree along the west side of Third (just north of Broadway, if I remember correctly). I see that Arborties website provides instructions for a knot which expands as the tree grows but I think this one and the two I removed were tied with square knots which will not expand as the trees grow.
  • Other Archived
    145 First Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    This is a safety issue. One of the parking meters on the west side of First St. between Rogers and Bent has a sharp wire wrapped around it sticking into sidewalk path of travel area. My husband, who has limited vision, has now had two dress shirts ripped because they got caught on it. Luckily this was not someone's skin or a child's eye. He twisted the wire away from the path of travel but was unable to remove it. The wire probably now has a small rectangle of pale yellow LL Bean shirt fabric on it.