Carbondale, IL Case Study

Carbondale partnered with SeeClickFix in early 2016 to improve communication between its 25,000+ citizens and government staff.

Margaret Lee
Bainbridge Island, WA Case Study

In 2015, Bainbridge Island partnered with SeeClickFix to better engage its 23,000+ citizens. Since then, they've done that and even more for their community.

Caroline Smith
City of New Haven, CT - Parks Department Case Study

Rebecca Bombero serves as the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Trees for New Haven. She has a limited budget and needs robust, smart tools - one of them is SeeClickFix.

Caroline Smith
Virginia Beach, VA Case Study

Virginia Beach needed to centralize their internal work order systems, while bringing their citizens better public services. Since 2014, Virginia Beach has been using SeeClickFix for Public Works and Code Enforcement work order systems, and their 311 call center.

Caroline Smith
Howard County, MD Case Study

Howard County partnered with SeeClickFix to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance communication for its 290,000+ population.

Caroline Smith
Vallejo, CA Case Study

Vallejo had an uncoordinated system for fielding non-emergency service requests from citizens and lacked a means of uniformly communicating progress of request resolution efforts. The city needed a lightweight platform to intergrate into its current one to solve these problems and more.

Tucker Severson
Utah DOT Case Study

Developing New Models for SeeClickFix Use on the State Level In 2013, the Utah Department of Transportation wanted to overhaul their work order management system to make it more user friendly for citizens and more labor efficient for staff.

Tucker Severson
New Haven, CT Case Study

New Haven has been using SeeClickFix for more than six years. Today more than 12% of its citizens use SeeClickFix. The City has integrated SeeClickFix into its existing workflow - each request goes where it needs to, and citizens are engaged and informed.

Tucker Severson
Keep Huntsville Beautiful Case Study

In Huntsville, Alabama, they have developed Green Team, an innovative approach to addressing this request that utilizes technology to engage citizens in public services. And they are seeing tremendous results.

Tucker Severson
Houston, TX Case Study

The Houston 311 call center serves the City’s 2.1 million citizens at all times. With 30,000 service requests each month, improved efficiency can save the city save lots of money.

Caroline Smith
Enfield, CT Case Study

In 2012, Enfield was using a web-based non-emergency service request tool for years. But they couldn't leverage the data for insight into request patterns, geographical distribution, workflow management, or operational efficiency.

Tucker Severson
Corona, CA Case Study

Corona's service requests were scattered and difficult for citizens to use. Its partnership with SeeClickFix helped centralize them into a single location and better automate the process for its citizens to better engage them.

Tucker Severson
Albany, NY Case Study

Albany, New York’s capital, needed a way to route citizen requests to the appropriate departments without a centralized call center. SeeClickFix helped bridge this gap with its citizens reporting tool.

Tucker Severson
Princeton, NJ Case Study

In 2012, the Borough of Princeton and the Township of Princeton were consolidated into one municipality - Princeton. Princeton hen needed a centralized info center for residents to connect with its new services.

Tucker Severson
Huntsville, AL Case Study

Huntsville launched Huntsville Connect, a program that allows nearly 184,000 Alabamians to alert and communicate neighborhood concerns to the city. The successful launch was thanks to the four key ingredients of a SeeClickFix Integration.

Tucker Severson
Ann Arbor, MI Case Study

The City of Ann Arbor has always been driven to listen to its citizens. This drive is shown in the City’s continual efforts to deploy and develop cutting edge technological solutions that evolve with the needs and habits of Ann Arborites.

Tucker Severson
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

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