Colchester Ave Update

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We're going to share some information we originally posted to Front Porch Forum on November 29 in the Centennial neighborhood (and a few updates). At this time, we have paved or patched 0.85 miles of Colchester Ave -- from University Pl to Barrett St, including a shim coat (a thin, preparatory coat) from Barrett to Nash. The shim course that was laid is not a substantial layer and is expected to have deterioration over the winter; as it deteriorates the substantial cracks, potholes, and other defects that are below the shim are showing through and becoming more prominent. 

We have not put down the top-course of pavement between Barrett and Nash at this time. Toward the end of our recent construction season we began finding voids under the remaining asphalt on this stretch of Colchester. We have used a variety of methods to determine the cause and the investigation resulted in delays to finishing the top-course of paving between Barrett and Nash. Our contractor will finish this paving job in spring of 2019. Crews are also cold-patching this stretch of road, where needed. We welcome your continued reports as you come across maintenance concerns on the roads.