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Alley Blading/Smoothing


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When you turn into the condo parking lot the condos are to the right off of 6645 1ST AVE NORTH. PARC VENDOME UNIT1. A yellow line is the only indication that separates the condos parking lot from the alleyway. There is so much traffic going up an down this alleyway every day. Then you have townhomes north of the condos using the same alleyway which is their enter/exit access. Both the condos and townhomes are to the right of alleyway and homes and lawyer's office to the left of the alleyway. There are severe potholes and dips that cause damage to cars and severe flooding. There is no parking where the white house is to the right. I have been living here at the condos about 16years. In this period of time, I have seen accidents, speeding, and cars parking right in the alleyway. Thank you for anything you can do in this situation.

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Q. What is the issue?
A. Smoothing/resurfacing of dirt/gravel alley, Filling potholes in alley (dirt or paved)

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