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The property at 7044 53rd St. N Pinellas Park 33781, in the back of the house, is overgrown with vegetation.
There is a disabled vehicle to the left of the house, looking from the street, hidden behind a piece of fence. The vehicle is against the adjacent property’s fence which places it on the property line.
The structures used to house animals, added to the rear of the house and scattered in the backyard, are in disrepair and based on professional opinion “do not meet code”. There are numerous animals including cats, a dog, birds and who knows what else in these structures.
There is basically a cat colony living at the property. The owners can be seen feeding up to nine cats in the front yard. Within the past year three litters have been born to these feral cats. The cats are defecating and causing property damage to surrounding residents’ yards.
Along with the outdoor feeding and easy access to food, in the exterior structures, there is a constant presence of possums and raccoons feeding nightly and attacking animals housed on this and surrounding properties.

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