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Accumulations of Garbage/Refuse/Debris


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On 10/02/2017 I reported ( Issue ID: 3743433 ) that the streets in the Fairlawn area needed to be sweeped because of the excess debris left over from the FEMA contractor's pick-up . I was told "Street sweeping is under a rotating maintenance schedule city wide. Once finished with the last section of the city will start from the beginning of the list. Contractor has been notified about incident. Thank you." The issue was then archived. Nothing has been accomplished to this date. Unfortunately, due to the city's inability or decision not to assign a sweeper to the Fairlawn area a good percentage of the debris has already washed down into the storm drains. However as shown attached photographs there still remain areas where sweeping is required. The people who live in the Fairlawn area take pride in their community and would like to see it cleaned up. The city has, or had?....two street sweepers which allowed for emergencies and a more frequent sweeping schedule . This is not the kind of customer service we expect from our employees.

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