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  • 313 Hillcrest Avenue Decatur, GA 30030, United States of America - Decatur
    There's an abandoned blue Ford Escape that has been parked half on the curb in front of my house for 9 days. I'd love for it to be gone. Thank you.
  • 267 3rd Avenue Decatur, GA 30030, United States of America - Decatur
    Our next door neighbors have a car on the street that has not moved in over a year. The tag is expired.
  • Johnston Pl Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    A grey sedan always parks right at the corner of East Lake and Johnston, so that turning onto Johnston from East Lake is dangerous. if there us another car at that stop sign, you can't make the turn at all. So you end up making a turn into the oncoming left lane. please inform resident.
  • 110 Ridley Lane Decatur, Georgia (GA) - Decatur
    Non-running car parked in street for months. Car does not have an engine. Belongs to 111 Ridley Ln.
  • 168 Mead Road Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
  • 123 Ansley Street Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Ansley was blocked this morning due to cars parked on both sides of the road in front of 123 Ansley. I have a small car and could not pass between the parked cars. I blew my horn until a lady came out of 123 and blamed it on high schools students parking across from her house, but she refused to move her mother's car from in front of her house so that traffic could use Ansley. I called and reported this to the police around 9 a.m. 3/27/17. One side of that street should be marked "no parking".
  • 438 Ansley St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    There are always multiple cars parked on the street at this address, on a hill, in a curve, so that you can't see oncoming cars from either direction. tired of having near misses here!
  • 309 Adams Street Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    There is a line, we don't know if it is for power or telecom or other, that has become loose and dangles into the curb/sidewalk in front of our house. We can't identify the line and are asking for the city to come inspect and remedy.
  • 998 West Ponce De Leon Avenue Decatur, GA 30030, United States of America - Decatur
    Red Hyundai Elantra w flat tire. Warning on windshield says 10/29/18. Does it belong to home owner?
  • 416–498 Willow Ln Decatur Ga 30030 United States - Decatur
    Residents continuing to park illegally on a daily basis in front of the yellow house just before the intersection of willow and church street, where church street goes from two lanes to one. The cars parked there block visibility for people trying to turn left from willow onto church. The area is marked off as a school zone and they are using it as extra parking on a busy road— when there are legitimate parking spaces they could be using on church and willow.
  • 216 Ansley Street Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Construction worker's car parked illegally parked behind Renfroe Middle School.
  • 780-868 Kirk Road Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Waldorf visitors blocking driveway on Oldfield
    Can we get some traffic enforcement?