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Pinellas County - proper

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  • 136–172 Mystic Lake Dr N Saint Petersburg 33702, United States - St. Petersburg
    Dead duck on bank of Mystic Lake
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    13654 88th Ave Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    The owners have chickens and they are constantly out roaming the street. Specifically my issue is they dig up the yard and poop all over our driveway and entrance to our door. I’ve stepped in it going in my vehicle, I constantly have to clean driveway and wash driveway.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    1011 15th St Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Dead animal in center of 15th Street
    between Georgia and Florida Aves.
  • 1815 2nd St S Saint Petersburg 33705, United States - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    Walking past this house, I have recently heard one or more “tenants” complain to the owner about her animals and how “they’ll call animal control.” The dogs are a constant nuisance to others but the woman’s “tenants” (so many!) should be interviewed. Those poor dogs!
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    12501 102nd Ave Seminole, FL 33778, USA - Commission District 6
    This crosswalk needs a signal and new lines. Car almost hit me. Cars don't stop when you're in cross walk. 727-492-5300
  • 10040 18th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    On 1/11/2019 I observed a Pinellas County Truck - Id # 119716, northbound on I-275, about 2:07PM.
    The driver did not move over for a Law Enforcement Vehicle that had it's emergency lights flashing, nor did it move over for a utility vehicle that was on the shoulder - and had lights flashing. Risk Management may want to remind drivers of the move over law.
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    742 49th St S Saint Petersburg Fl 33707 United States - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    Pinellas Trl Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707, USA - Pasadena Bear Creek Estates Neighborhood Association
    Hi, The water fountain is still wrapped in a black bag with blue taping- it has not worked since last Sept, 2018. was reported (Issue ID: 5130969) last year & closed. It is getting very hot & there are no water fountains in either direction for appox 2 miles... What can be done by County to get this working as summer comes?
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    Pinellas Trl Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Jungle Terrace
    Screws are coming out of the bump strip. It may cause tire punctures on bikes, or someone walking to trip and fall.
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    3607-3707 De Soto Blvd Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Please add additional signage designating the pedestrian lane vs. the bike lane. As a jogger, I was nearly hit twice yesterday by bikers in the pedestrian lane. This happened on the trail near wall springs park.
    Thank you.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    2100 34th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Oakwood Gardens Neighborhood Association
    I am on a dead end (butt up against the interstate) on the south side with on other home on the north (facing). At the end of the street is a guardrail and there is also concrete trenches to flow water overload from the interstate. This past Friday (rain) there was water ankle high from and at least expanded over 2 feet in width. It is virtually impossible for anyone coming to my home to even cross those puddles without providing rubber boots. I have lived her prior to the interstate being installed and the area of growth behind the guardrail is not maintained and it is quite the eyesore.
  • 545 Corey Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Pete Beach
    I am using this one stop as an example of all the shelters like this in the county. While it is nice looking it provides NO SHELTER from the weather, esp. when it is raining, can stand in the shelter and get really wet (and that is without any wind causing the rain to go into the shelter) all those little holes on the side need to go and there needs to be something solid. I am guessing whoever came up with this shelter does not know what it is like to wait for the bus in the rain/storms. How about giving the shelter actual shelter for the passengers!!