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Pinellas County - proper

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  • County ParksAcknowledged
    Marmalade Lane Seminole, FL 33772, USA - Seminole
    The county fence that surrounds a county-owned lake located in the back of the new Seminole Groves development has several holes in it. We have observed a coyote going in and out of these holes and the fence in its current condition poses a danger to the several young children that live in this development.
  • Boca Ciega Millineum Park Indian Rocks Beach, Florida - Commission District 6

    Kayak launch...creek is too shallow...overgrown and way need a backhoe to redig and chainsaw to cut back overgrowth. Better idea just make a new one directly behind picnic shelter in back on bay. Pump station next to park installed fence and gate so can no longer launch kayak there either. Its otherwise a great park.... Before it became a park years ago in highschool we rode dirtbikes and went 4 wheeling back here.

    Also Pineapple island ... Homeless camps..trash for days....Hurricane Irma down trees... Picnic table now missing. Sign Pineapple island gone too. No clue who named it pineapple island or why..but no pineapples. Google earth it by boca ciega millinum park in bay/ intracostal. Horribly neglected by county parks...could be awesome spot for boaters...kayakers..SUP..jetskis... Thankyou KC Coconut Kayak

  • County ParksAcknowledged
    Boca Ciega Millineum Park Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Playground sun cover hasn't been replaced from Hurricane damage. Can we please put it back up for the hot months ahead?
  • 239 Valencia Circle St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    Mosquitos start coming out at sundown, and are still around early morning. This is a problem throughout the whole neighborhood.
  • 302 Trinity Lane Saint Petersburg, FL 33716, United States of America - St. Petersburg
    There is puddling water from overwatering at the NW corner of promenade ct &Trinity lane. Across from the entrance to Villas of Carillon
  • OtherAcknowledged
    2100 34th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Oakwood Gardens Neighborhood Association
    I am on a dead end (butt up against the interstate) on the south side with on other home on the north (facing). At the end of the street is a guardrail and there is also concrete trenches to flow water overload from the interstate. This past Friday (rain) there was water ankle high from and at least expanded over 2 feet in width. It is virtually impossible for anyone coming to my home to even cross those puddles without providing rubber boots. I have lived her prior to the interstate being installed and the area of growth behind the guardrail is not maintained and it is quite the eyesore.
  • 5th Ave N And 16th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    need to take the shelter down, homeless hangout and sleep in the shelter, no riders can use it.
  • 550 16th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    I know someone else reported the same problem but I am going to also in hopes that PSTA things about their PASSENGER SAFETY FIRST like they so call claim they care about. Passengers can not use this bus stop shelter! The homeless treat it like it is their hotel and calling the cops is doing NO GOOD WHAT SO EVER they keep coming back! We are not asking for the stop to be moved just take away the shelter. And the fact that PSTA refuses to give a reason why only proves our point that they simply do not care! Why should we have to go out of our way to another stop just so we wont get harassed or do the job of PSTA by reporting illegal activities? And this is not the only stop that there is safety issues, the stop at 5th ave n and 14th st N is not safe for riders also just look at the calls the cops have to take at that spot (and this one also). Psta does not care and if they do like they claim they do then take away the shelter and benches! We don't care about ridership numbers...we care about OUR SAFETY!! We will keep reporting and I will keep informing the public about how they don't really care!!
  • 1401 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    We need better lighting at the bus stop, bad enough that PSTA won't take the benches away despite constant complaints about illegal activities, harassing the riders etc at this stop, it is not safe to wait when it is dark (and it is not like we have other better bus stop options in this area both are just as dark and the same issues) Since PSTA is too lazy to do their job and not take away the benches how about better lighting.
  • 1401 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    We need better lighting at this stop as it is not safe for riders at this stop when it is dark (maybe if PSTA would get the hint and take away benches then all the criminal activity that keeps taking place despite constantly call the cops would probably stop. don't get me started on the shelter on 16th st by 5th ave and how we get ignored about all the problems there despite the cops being called there all the time) We have the right to wait for the bus in a well lit area where we don't get harassed or have to deal with people using and selling drugs. Lets see if PSTA really does care about our safety and give us better lighting at not just this stop but all the stops in the county!