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Pinellas County - proper

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  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    901 N Shore Dr Ne Saint Petersburg‎ Fl‎ 33701 United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Could the city please put at least one dog trash bag station on the path along the water? There is no way for people to properly clean up after their dogs if they forgot or ran out of plastic bags.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    12755 83rd Ave seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Roosters still Crowing!!!
  • Dead possumAcknowledged
    4211 Overlook Drive Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Is there is a dead possum on the street near the intersection of Overlook Drive Northeast and Colorado Avenue Northeast. It has been there about 3 days and it is starting to get rather aromatic.
  • 139 Nw Monroe Cir N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    there are at least 2 and they are very active
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    1445 Corey Way South South Pasadena, Florida - South Pasadena
    Requesting that the waterway between Pasadena Avenue South/Corey Causeway Bridge plus Central Avenue Bridge and bridge between Causeway Isles & Yacht Club Estates, be designates as an IDLE SPEED ZONE! Request is to calm boat traffic in that area as many boaters use that area to circumvent/avoid the "idle speed" zone between the Central Ave draw bridge & the Corey Causeway draw bridge in the Intracoastal Waterway. Additionally the shallow bay contains a large seagrass bed, frequented by groups of Manatees in the middle of the bay , entering & exiting under the Pasadena Ave South & Huffman Way bridge. Boats that are avoiding the Intracoastal Waterway ignore NO WAKE and MANATEE ZONE signs, by blasting through the aforementioned area in this part of Boca Ciega Bay. We, as residents of Corey way South since 1987, request the IDLE SPEED ZONE. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    14881 Sunset Street Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    Residents in triplex apartment have 3 chickens that have increased to about 15 chickens in about 2 months - with one hen sitting on more eggs, that are allowed to roam free in the neighborhood. Cars have to watch for them and they are tearing up yards and flower beds and messing on patios and porches
  • 10532-10536 119th Avenue North Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    he is letting dog run loose running up the road well he is riding in the car .
  • Roosevelt Blvd & Bolesta Rd Roosevelt Boulevard, Largo, FL 33760, United States of America - Commission District 5
    Stray cat at 15500 Roosevelt Blvd
  • 3810 7th St S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Lakewood Terrace Neighborhood Association
    This tenant has a brown young dog that they let roam. looks neglected but cant be sure . please educate the leash law and proper occulations. rabies. parvo etc... maybe some education on proper care of a pet.. sad. we cant let this dog thing get out of control again. Thank You for your services.
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    12501 102nd Ave Seminole, FL 33778, USA - Commission District 6
    This crosswalk needs a signal and new lines. Car almost hit me. Cars don't stop when you're in cross walk. 727-492-5300
  • Central Acknowledged
    7886 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, FL - Causeway Isles Neighborhood Association
    Several potholes on Central Ave, west of Sunset and east of the bridge.
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    4689 22nd Avenue South Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    Damaged sidewalk in front of this property along a county right of way.