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  • OtherAcknowledged
    2260-2298 Nw 11th Ave Gainesville, FL 32605, USA - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    It has already been looked at by public works, who were apparently not certain how to proceed. It public works can dismantle the tree it should redirect the flow, if not, Friday's rains will probably re-flood the homes.
  • 716 Nw 3rd Street gainesville, florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    There is construction work being done inside this house. We hear power tools throughout the day and see no posting of a permit. It appears that foundation and framing work has taken place. There is a stack of wood flooring material on the front porch. It is a historic house and at some point someone ripped off siding and replaced it with plywood. The exterior is in serious disrepair.
  • 328 Sw 4th Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    New Plumbing sewer piping on exterior of house not permitted or properly licensed.
  • 8243 Nw 54th Ter Gainesville 32653, United States - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    GPD contacted me yesterday that they found my stolen backpack in the storm drains(too big to go all the way down)that a group of stealers came to our neighborhood last Saturday at night to break in people’s car. They took my backpack with passports and other papers and my work phone, badge and all my work keys(master keys), the backpack was found in the drain by the owner of house right behind the storm drain and I found my work cellphone case at the same place, so I would like to see if you could remove the grate so I can see if all my works keys are in the drain, these keys are not replaceable. I have a big magnet I can use if the grate can be opened. Thank you so much in advance.
  • 1200 Ne 16 Ave Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Water moccasins living in the weed covered ditch on the southside of NE 16 Ave at 12 St. School kids walk through there daily.
  • 3461 Sw 2nd Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    The street light that is between buildings 312 & 412 and right near fence line that divides Hawaiian Village or (Weston Square Apts which is the new name of complex) and Village 34 apts is messed up big time. It turns on for exactly 1 minute and then shuts off for about 10 minutes and it does this all night long and has been doing so for over a mth! I went by the front office and told them and they still haven't done anything to fix it! Can someone please make them fix this light it is not safe for it to be doing this because of how dark it is back in this area of the complex! Thank you for you help on this!
  • 506 Ne 5th Ave Gainesville 32601, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Thorns growing into sidewalk. Hazard to the public
  • 2102 Nw 7th St Gainesville 32609, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    This is my 4th time complaining of this situation . NW 8st and NW 22 Ave. The shrub along NW 8 st is so overgrown you cannot see from stop sign on NW 22 to turn .. Very dangerous for children, cars , bikes..You have to pull out into road to see if anyone is coming. The road is a neighborhood road which is small and because of these shrubs makes it extremely dangerous . Which today there was an accident with someone hurt.. Can someone please follow up with this before something severe happens ... the picture on left shows where the stop sign is I stop and you can see nothing but shrub . Picture on right accidents today
  • 16 E University Ave Gainesville 32601, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    A tree was taken out by a car in November 2018.
    We hope it will be replaced soon.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    214 Se 2nd Ave Gainesville 32601, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Someone has put signs on the side of this building stating that the sidewalk is a parking zone. Consequently, people are always parking on the sidewalk! I reported this before, and it’s been noted resolved, but nothing is changed.
  • StreetlightAcknowledged
    3933 Southwest 26th Drive Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 2
    The streetlight at the corner of SW 38th PL and SW 26th DR is not working.
  • 230 Nw 2 Ave Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The citizens of Pleasant Street Neighborhood are requesting a two way stop sign be added to the intersection of NW 2nd Avenue and NW 3rd Street. the intersection has become dangerous since the stop sign was removed on NW 2nd avenue.