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Gloucester, MA

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  • 6 Thatcher Rd Gloucester 01930, United States - Gloucester
    Abandoned uninsured Nissan Rogue at Stop & Shop parking lot expired inspection registration not insured
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    Youngs Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    There are at least 5 unregistered vehicles on or near the road. Also a large boat on a trailer parked on the side of the road. It looks like a junk car lot.
  • 3 Saint Louis Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Red "security" vehicle w/ flat driver's side front tire.
  • 51 Bennett Street South Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    About 6-8 unregistered/uninsured junk vehicles in front and back yard.
  • 3 Riggs St Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Car parked on street for more than 6 weeks. Limited parking in densely populated neighborhood. Many homes on this small side street do not have driveways. Trash collecting between vehicle and the curb.
  • Fairview Inn Gloucester Massachusetts - Gloucester
    There is a pack of coy dogs/coyotes coming down
    The Fairview Inn drive way nightly and heading towards
    Niles Beach. You can hear them howling and barking. It sounded like a dog fight tonight at 10:45. It's scary
    6/17-Saw a small pack again last night at 8:45. 3 big adults and one small pup. They were howling next to our house and we're not scared off by clapping or banging. The howling woke us up last night when they came back.
  • 6 Andrews St Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    I saw at least 10 rats in my yard today. I live near the Lanes Cove Wall reconstruction. Apparently the heavy equipment has displaced the rat population, and the rats have moved into the surrounding residential areas.
  • 50 Taylor St. Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Over half the parking spots at Niles Beach were occupied by vehicles WITHOUT PARKING STICKERS. at 12:00 on tues 7/3.As there is no enforcement of the law as described by the signage, people always park there anyway as there is never any fear of repercussions. Why should anybody pay 20 bucks for a sticker when law enforcement obviously considers it a joke and does nothing to enforce the law like maybe tickets like us residents get when we go to virgilios for a sandwich and our meter which are unreadable in the winter goes over by 1 minute and there is someone just waiting to give you a ticket??? yeah maybe enforce beach parking against non residents with the same enthusiasm you exert against actual resident taxpayers otherwise!!!
  • Beaches and dogsAcknowledged
    20 Old Nugent Farm Rd Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    I was walking Good Harbor Beach today, and there were over 50 total dogs and only 5 were leashed; its happened enough times that i am writing to you; it's always the same, they run up to people, fight (play) with each other, run fast...I have had dogs in the past and no one can ever say, "they won't hurt you"..i feel the dog owners feel free to do as they please, never "sorry" as they charge walkers..and theres empty poop bags left behind; i saw them earlier this week, same place, same color bags...Gloucester has been more than kind to the dog owners, dog park, odd and even days delineation...Thanks for reading.
  • Niles Beach 01930 - Gloucester
    Non-residents without Gloucester beach stickers taking up all the spaces at Niles beach
  • BrushAcknowledged
    7 Harvard St Gloucester 01930, United States - Gloucester
    The brush along the fences in the Palazola Playground is again out of control and is an eyesore and haven for rubbish and who knows what else. As an area used mainly by youth sports it should be cut back to eliminate the briers and any broken bottles and other rubbish.
    Thank you for your attention to this issue.
  • BrushAcknowledged
    32 Sunset Hill Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Access Road to Poles Hill off Sunset Hill Road is completely over grown & emergency vehicles would not have access at this time due to brush.