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Howard County, MD

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  • 8871-8875 Tamar Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Graffiti on westbound Tamar Drive bus stop just past Hayshed Lane
  • 4732 Dorsey Hall Dr Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Broken digital sign at bus stop
  • 123 Main Street Columbia, Maryland - Ellicott City
  • 8902 Town & Country Blvd. Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    The shelter is in poor condition and needs to have graffiti removed and repainted.
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    Hello My name is Brenda Newberry and I am hoping your office can help but if not lead me and other citizens to the appropriate persons. We are citizens of Howard county and ride the commuter bus from Snowden river park and ride to Baltimore and back. There has been a rash of car break ins at the park and ride smashing out windows stealing air bags rummaging through the cars…We are concerned with the security in this area as there appears to be none as these incidents are occurring in day light hours. We are requesting added security be put in place for the safety of all persons who ride the buses. As a result of this vandalism multiple people have had to pay out thousands of dollars when vehicles are vandalized. There does not appear to be any security in this area. Can you help with this concern or lead me to the appropriate authorities.
  • Clocktower Lane MD 21046, United States of America - Columbia
    Bus station littered with trash and cigarette butts.
  • 5471 Levering Ave Elkridge, MD 21075, USA - Elkridge
    Looks like fiberoptic cabling exposed crossing the river. Hazard for kayakers and canoeists in the park. Looks like it heads toward a box near the intersection of Lawyers Hill Rd and River Rd. There are orange flags in the woods.
  • Oakland Mills Rd Columbia, MD 21045, USA - Columbia
    Blandair Park (need to add as option) - Field are beautiful. Need to get higher netting for the foul balls for the baseball fields. Very dangerous situation with foul balls flying between the fields.
  • 10376-10382 Guilford Road Jessup, MD - Howard County
    Day Resource Center bus stops at Guilford Stayton - OOT was informed that DPW will install a parking lot on Guilford EB opposite Stayton. This will change requirements Ray indicated were necessary for ped crossing/improvements.
  • 9664-9680 White Acre Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    White Acre Complete Street Capital Project C0287
  • Log Chain Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    I live off Log Chain Rd in Thunder Hill - a residential through-way that connects Mellenbrook and Thunder Hill Roads. Many drivers use it as a cut through to avoid the speed bumps on Thunder Hill, or to access Thunder Hill Elementary School, and they drive very fast down our road. With the elementary school adjacent to Log Chain, there are many children walking around and many cars driving very fast on this road; a very unfortunate accident is just waiting to happen. There is also a popular pizza take out restaurant on Log Chain and their drivers also take our road at high speed. I was wondering what steps would be necessary to look in to speed bumps on Log Chain Rd. Any advice you could offer would be great.
  • 5033 Lake Circle West Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The Beaverbrook Community would like a speed study conducted on Lake Circle West that runs between Castle Moor Drive and Beaverbrook Road. The residents on that block are reporting speeding and would very much like some traffic calming devices.