City of Danville PLUS

Open Issues: 4 Closed Issues: 24,162 Acknowledged Issues: 65
  • Damaged sidewalksAcknowledged
    166 Montague Street Danville, VA - Danville
    A sinkhole is forming under the sidewalk. A crew came and filled it with sand but with all of the recent rain, most of the sand has washed away.
  • Damaged sidewalksAcknowledged
    166 Montague Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    A large sink hole is forming under the sidewalk in front of the driveway.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    300 Piney Forest Rd Danville, VA 24540, USA - Danville
    was just fixed, already crap! can you please just pave this road, it has 30 patches! it's horrible.
  • Elizabeth Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    road has been washed out since Hurricane Florence came through 540-320-0127 Elsie
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    132 Cottonwood Ln Danville, VA 24540, USA - Danville
    another one in front of 132 Cottonwood Ln.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    Mt Cross Rd Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Large sink hole next to manhole in front of shermont Church on mt cross rd
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    278 Turpin Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Pothole in the middle of the street as you round the curve at the bottom of the hill.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    172 Westminster Ct Danville, Virginia - Danville
    There is a pot hole in the middle of the street caused by recent tree cutting and very heavy tree trunk logs landing on the pavement damaging the street.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    946 Newgass Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    there is a pothole in front of the main gate at Alliance One International
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    Motley Ave. At North Main St. Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Pothole on Motley Ave. at this intersection.
  • 633 Arnett Blvd Danville VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    This is the side of Apple Bottom Creek snapping photo looking toward Valero on right side of street 633 Arnett Blvd. The heavy equipment used to repair the City's creek issue by filling in dirt into major sink holes, then having to clean out the inside of the underground drain pipe under the compromised cracked street, caused the property to be unsettling and destabilized including large foot holes that could very well be a liability to the owner. Please have them remove the straw, redo the grading of the ground, and sew more grass seen and lay straw. Thank you.
  • 607 Arnett Blvd Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    Please have someone explain to this store the importance of trash not getting into the creek, along with all the old shelving and equipment stored adjacent to another business owner. This is not acceptable.