City of Taunton PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 6,304 Acknowledged Issues: 416
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    Precinct Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Catch Basin Issue needs hot mix
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    289 Tremont Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    water from the storm caused the asphalt around to cave in.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    50 Lacey Road Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please check the pipe that connects the two Catch Basins.
  • Drain IssueAcknowledged
    15 Winter Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Drainage issue.
  • Sewer Drain Acknowledged
    Tremont Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Called regarding drain on Tremont near Oakland Variety has sunk. She has called before her tire almost blew yesterday needs to be fixed before her tire does.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    32 Greenwoods Circle Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Please repair CB and berm. Plows ripped it up.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    20 Avilla Drive Taunton, MA - Taunton
    caller states the area around the catch basin is breaking up. It is large and hazardous.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    90 Ashland Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Depression forming. The depression is close to the cover. (manhole and drain covers at this address)
    Dispatched staff to look at issue.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    488 Bay Street Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Catch Basin caving in needs attention ASAP
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    1003 Middleboro Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Resident called in to report a sinking CB. He believes that it may be a hazard to a child.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    Rogers Avenue Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Caller is requesting we send someone. The road is flooded.
  • Catch Basin IssueAcknowledged
    Silversmith Way Taunton, MA - Taunton
    Caller reports flooding. Drain clogged. Please unclog.