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  • Repave AlleysAcknowledged
    1432 29th Street S. Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7

    These alleys have received no attention since my last report. I would like to know that progress is being made and have yet to see any work happening anywhere in our area.

    The 1400 block between 28th and 29th Street S. Is what I am referring to, but I have seen multiple reports for replacement of other alleys in this area. As someone else had said, we pay taxes just like everyone else in this county and city. Please respond. The weather has been on par for construction with very little rainfall, so the only issue we have is receiving direct response from the city.

  • 720 7th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Uptown
    The alley behind this property needs pot holes filled badly. Lots of traffic coming thru due to property next door for sale. Pot holes are big enough to eat you!
  • 1222 17th Ave N (Alley Behind) Saint Petersburg, Florida - Euclid-St Paul Neighborhood Association
    The alley way in the 12 hundred block between 17th Ave N and 16th Ave N is badly in need of repair. It has numerous large pot holes and is far from smooth. Most of the homes on these two blocks access their garages/parking via this alley which makes the need for repairs very important.
  • 720 45th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33703, United States - St. Petersburg
  • 824 10th Ave S St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    Recently Jasmine Terrace has been changed to a one way street (westbound only) but the street has never been completely paved. There are dozens of potholes along at least half of the street all on the westbound side. The city has come out numerous times to fill the potholes with dirt/gravel which last about a month or a couple good storms. The decision was made to make this a oneway (signs posted months ago) but not finish paving? Please finish the job.
  • 6926 Date Palm Avenue South Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
  • 2445 8th Ave North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    There are numerous potholes in this alley
  • 635 12th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Pot hole in the alley between 12th and 13th Ave., Beach Drive and North Shore
  • 161 19th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    This is an ongoing issue on the west side of the alley near 2nd st. South between 18th and 19th ave. South. This area is bladed/resurfaced at least 3-4 times a year. After several heavy rains, a crevice opens up and creates a dangerous trip hazard. A more permanent solution needs to be implemented.
  • 129 21st Ave S SAINT PETERSBURG, FL - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    Need to have the alley paved so we can utilize our only parking area in out back yard ..thank you
  • 5275 10th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Disston Heights Civic Association
    There are ruts and potholes in the alley entrance that continue east for a couple of houses. Standing water results after rain.
  • 526 19th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg 33704, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Road between poplar and cherry on 19th Ave NE needs to be rebricked.