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City of St. Petersburg

Open Issues: 237 Closed Issues: 75,297 Acknowledged Issues: 15,411
  • 1401 15th St N Saint Petersburg 33705, United States - Euclid-St Paul Neighborhood Association
    Alley uneven and pot holes all over. Holds standing water and damages cars
  • 866 89th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - St. Petersburg
  • 22nd Ave Ne & Oak St Ne 22nd Avenue Northeast, Saint Petersburg, FL 33704, United States of America - Historic Old Northeast
    Our alley is in disrepair. There is a giant pothole where the road has washed away.
  • 318 Palm Lane North Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    one lane road has 9 potholes - they are on each side
  • 855 14th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Uptown
    This is the Grand Canyon of St Pete . There is heavy water flow down this entire alley. It it is full of buckling up asphalt and big potholes and a big hole where prior utility work was done . The city has to come every year but has only done quick fixes. Please !
  • FloodingAcknowledged
    851 76th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    The alley was paved by the city, and since it was paved water has not been draining from alley. Citizen does not know if the drain is clogged that is east of his property.
  • 729 45th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33703, United States - St. Petersburg
  • 541 Delmar Terrace S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    The alley behind Delmar Terrace, Mound Park Way, has deteriorated over the last year while new construction trucks constantly go through. When it rains, the road becomes mud and it has more divots in recent months as the construction persist. Please can someone from the city monitor this and address it.
  • 2338 26th Street South Saint Petersburg, FL - Highland Oaks Neighborhood Association
    Large rut in the alley next to this property.
  • 745 45th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    The fine milled asphalt that was placed in the alley behind my house. Is causing chips in my paint on my new chevy silverado. They rocks are getting stuck in the tire and flying out hitting the side causing the chips. Can you please remove and replace with bigger millings?
  • 3861 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    The alley behind 5th Ave N between Lafayette St N and 40th Street is atrocious. I've have to get new shocks on my vehicle due to all the big potholes. Please pave it over like most of the other surrounding alleys. We pay enough taxes, and higher for utilities due to paying commercial rates. Hands down, this has to be one of the worst sections of alley road in the area. The waste management trucks tear them up even more each week.
  • 4251 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, FL - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    alley needs to be leveled.