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  • Homeless IssuesAcknowledged
    2020 16th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    Complaint received from the owner of a laundromat located at 2020 16th Street N. He states homeless people are hanging around his business at all hours, panhandling his customers for money and cigarettes, stealing items, and making a mess of his bathroom. He says it is hurting his business.
  • Homeless IssuesAcknowledged
    3500 27th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Disston Heights Civic Association
    Homeless residents taking over city property by retention pond on 27th St N
  • OtherAcknowledged
    Behind Fed Ex Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    hi there is a pond we fish and release over the theres squatters back there very filthy stinks and garbage all over.i ask fed ex about it they say they know thats it.mci drive and that parkway there just past the fed ex fence cant miss the bike trails to the tents. we dont want the place trashed nice fish spot.if it means we cant fish there either were ok with that.thx guys please help very bad there. my name is gary 7275204626 i will meet there if want me to to show ya. thx again
  • Flooding - MinorAcknowledged
    10 South Rhoda Court Saint Petersburg, FL - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Per CSR From Complaint - Alley on the North Side of 7 and 10 Rhoda Ct S when draining Floods the properties along Rhoda Ct - Specifically 7 and 10 Rhoda Ct S At one time the city appears to have placed additional asphault to control the water flow but more is needed to properly allow water to flow to alley area where proper drainage can take place.
  • 6166 9th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association

    Known issue of drainage concerns on 9th Avenue North.
    There are 3 storm drains having issues all happen to be in front of my home.
    Everyday rains produce flooding.
    ** heavier rains even worse
    Danger to drivers
    Health concern for us (odor and yuckie smells are free).
    Mosquito breeding

    Everyday rains Results:
    Deposits oil, pollution, seeds, sewer – God only knows what is being left in our yard.
    Kills our plants, moves our brickwork
    Folks driving threw our yard ruining everything running over our plants and planters.
    Causing shifting in driveway concrete
    **water comes into our home
    **water sits on our home putting pressure on foundation
    **home is having settling issues due to high volumes of water leaning on the home
    ** walls are cracking and now floor is cracked and ruined needs to be fixed and replaced.

    clean the drains
    Monitor yard waste from mall and school which goes into the drains
    connect the drains so they work
    put drains in 7th and 8th avenue instead of having them tie into 9th
    direct waters from mall away from street

    Acknowledge Problem:
    (It rained for 3 weeks straight in our area in August/September)
    Since then:
    I called storm drain management 2 times, left message no return calls.
    I called action mayors line 3 times still no results.
    I’ve been dealing with the flooding issues here since 1982.
    It would be nice to know that the city still cares about its citizens
    The city is aware of the issue at hand, and the long term problems it has been causing.
    2 of my windows are having difficultly opening now, wall cracked, area of our house has moved, the floor has crowning, its uneven. This could have been avoided had the city fixed this on going problem that they have known about for years.
    Is there anyone out there that can help us?

    Thank you. Cheryl Day 6166 9th Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710

  • 8446 3rd Street North Saint Petersburg, FL - Riviera Bay Civic Association
  • Down branches Acknowledged
    400 39th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Hurricane irma downed branches
    Also have a light that came down in yard.
  • 610 91st Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - St. Petersburg
    A tree fell on my roof breaking my fence. Needed to cut down tree. Haven't gotten a chance to break down fencing yet
  • 1751 66th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33710, USA - Garden Manor Neighborhood Association
  • 1847 Bonita Way S St. Petersburg, FL 33712, USA - Lakewood Estates Civic Association
    Piles of Branches from Irma
  • 1685 21st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7

    Please pick up two tree trim piles at 1685 21st Avenue N and at corner of 17th St North and 21st Ave N.

    Thank you

  • 7445-7465 Hobson St Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - North East Terraces Neighborhood Association
    Storm debris pick up needed. There are several houses on Hobson St NE between 74th and 76th that have a lot storm debris piled along the front of the curbs