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Animal Control - Jersey City

Open Issues: 52 Closed Issues: 740 Acknowledged Issues: 62
  • 153 Ogden Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    parked on side street. stung by bee. looked inside backyard of home.(163 ogden). owner seems to be rearing chickens, bees etc.
  • 332 Whiton St Jersey City, NJ 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    This derelict abandoned house is infested with raccoons. It is a health hazard and needs to be boarded up properly.
  • 80 Essex St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    there hundreds of birds living in the trees on Essex Street. they are defecating all over the sidewalk and Street. not only is this a nuisance, as they have rendered multiple spaces on the street unusable for parking, it is a serious health issue. we have children in the neighborhood who play on these sidewalks. this needs to be investigated.
  • 7 Soho Drive Jersey City, NJ - West Side
    Residents at 7 Soho Drive, #113 let their pit bull off leash on a regular basis. The dog has run across Claremont at my chihuahua 3 times. This is a second report on this same issue.
  • 305 Varick St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Owner let dog loose to defecate on other's property. When confronted as to why the dog's aren't leashes, he said he didn't have to leash his dogs and no leash laws exist in Jersey City plus they were "free to roam and do what they want" ie poop everywhere. A small dog being walked In his direction aggravated the Sheltie and the owner had to yank the Sheltie by his collar fur and pick him up so that his dog would not attack the small dog. 305 Varick neighbor stated his older dog was afraid of the Sheltie bc it is aggressive and owner doesn't leash the dog to keep it back. Owner provided his name so I can pass that info on to SCF. Owner stated he has 3 dogs total, 2 of which I witnessed were unleashed. He also lets them defecate on the corner of Varick and Montgomery of which Officer Carlos Hernandez has witnessed.
  • 45 Williams Ave. - West Side
    this property has three dogs - one small Yorkie and two large dogs. They often escape from the gate(s) of this property and have, on two occasions, chased my dog. On a second occasion, the residents on this property we're nowhere to be found when their dogs escaped and it has been terrifying to be at the mercy of unleashed dogs. They have not attacked and I'm sure that the dogs aren't vicious, though the dynamics of my leashed dog (or anyone else's dog) and their three unleashed dogs can be dangerous. It is my hope that the residents at this property do a better job at securing their dogs. thanks.
  • 57.5 Bright Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Neighbor's house (59 Bright Street) is disgusting and is attracting vermin. As a result, an animal entered my house (57.5 Bright Street) through the neighbor's house and is living between the ceiling of the house and roof. Need assistance with removal and having neighbor fix house so that this does not occur again.
  • 234 Warren St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    There are hundreds of birds nesting in the trees here and bird droppings everywhere...unsafe and needs attention
  • 219 New York Avenue Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    In spite of the ordinance that says not to feed the wildlife, the resident of this address feeds the pigeons large amounts of food every day. Because of this they are in the street and get run over in record numbers so that there are dead birds all over the neighborhood. In addition because the birds are being fed they stay in the area and become a nuisance to the neighbors because they create an unsanitary environment.
  • 72 Bowers St Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    The neighbors at 70 Bowers Street in Jersey City Heights have five dogs that they keep on a small back patio for hours every evening - they bark constantly at each other and at any movement they see - it's a real nuisance.
  • 35 Stagg Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    Someone is leaving their dog poop bags in front of 35 Stagg Street.
  • 29 Sherman Place Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    They let the pet dog defecate on the front gate on the sidewalk. The poor neighbors as far as two to three houses down have to deal with the smell. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it only gets worst. When I asked the neighbor two doors neighbor if she was disgusted by this she stated they couldn't even sit on the porch because the smell is so bad. People have asked the to clean it and there response is "I dont have clean it . I know a city worker."