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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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  • Park MaintenanceAcknowledged
    101 Songbird Ln Chapel Hill 27514, United States - Chapel Hill
    Bolin Creek Trail used to have distance marked off every 0.2 miles. Now several of the markers are missing. I really find them useful and wonder if there are plans to replace the missing ones?
  • 2537 Booker Creek Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    On the Booker Creek Trail about 50 ft northwest of the Daily entrance there is a tree bent over posing a danger to pedestrians on the path.
  • 801-10 Old Pittsboro Rd Chapel Hill 27516, United States - Chapel Hill
    There is a dead tree at the intersection of Columbia and Valentine. It has had no leaves for a year. It is a danger to both streets and the bus stop.
  • 502 Sykes Street Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    30" willow oak needs cleaning. Contact Duke Power to drop security light line. Contact Housing about coning off parking lot.
  • 125 S Graham St Chapel Hill, NC, 27516, USA - Chapel Hill
    Piled leaves next to our sidewalk have been here for MONTHS. The leaf collector truck has passed multiple times today (it's our street's week) without stopping to collect them. We would appreciate them being dealt with today.
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    214 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    Property owners of 306 W Franklin would like to know if pedestrian signal heads can be added to the crosswalk of the driveway at Mallette and Franklin.
  • 103 Saint Louis Place Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Large shrubs planted at the curb line obstruct view from St. Louis Plact to traffic approaching from right on Maywood Way
  • 600 Churchill Drive Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    A tree blocks the visibility of the street sign at the corner of Churchill and Ephesus Church Road.
  • 310 N Estes - Chapel Hill
  • 119 Cynthia Dr Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    Leaves and debris blocking drain, overflowed into street during last rain. This has happened several times, a permanent fix should be considered.
  • Corner Of Elliott Road/Velma Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Near the Coker Hills entrance sign there is a concrete slab sitting on top of the ground. It looks like this should be a water access point but it is completely blocked and water has been backing up or flowing elsewhere in that area. Would be happy to meet someone from the town out there to see what can be done.
    Jill Blackburn 9194176125
    Board Member, Coker Hills Neighborhood Association
  • 40 Cedar St Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    The ditch / drainage culvert under the driveway blocked causing a large pool of water to form after rainfall.