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  • 3924-3928 Torrance Drive Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Ever since they repaired Torrance they never put back our trees.
  • 1114 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    20 years ago there were 2 trees in front of my house that were removed and never replaced. then the 2 on either side of us were removed and now its super hot with no shade in the summer in my house.
  • 737 Valleywood Dr Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
  • 601 Stratford Pl Toledo, Ohio - Old West End
    Would like a new tree planted where they cut down other one in front tree lawn. There is still a stump there too that needs removed. The trees on Parkwood side of house need to be trimmed some of the tree is dead.
  • 3540 Beverly Dr Toledo, Ohio - Beverly
  • 361 Plymouth St Toledo, OH 43605, USA - East Toledo
    can i please have a tree or 2 planted. thank you
  • 754 Berdan Ave Toledo, OH 43610, USA - Old West End
  • Old West End Collector'S Corner Lagrange Street, Toledo, OH 43612, United States of America - La Grange
  • 420 Madison - City Center
  • 639 Oswald Street Toledo, Ohio - East Toledo
  • 3024 Berdan Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Deveaux
    Existing trees are beautiful and too large for their location. They are lifting the sidewalk, creating tripping hazards in this very walkable neighborhood. Having smaller trees is desirable. (Typical of 2 within 100 feet of corner.)
  • 3935 Jackman Rd Toledo 43612, United States - Deveaux
    I have asked to have this tree that is on city property trimmed or taken down it’s got a lot of dead branches that just fall down like this one did and it landed on my fence. There are other branches that may end up falling in the street and if somebody’s driving by in a car ...