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  • 5713 Tibaron Lane Toledo Ohio - Reynolds Corners
    Complaints of possible toxins or chemicals being released from two sheds and possibly fuming into condo unit since the condo units(s) are attached to sheds (building 1). There are two sheds in particular that are of concern. Residents referenced flooring/carpet and walls/foam that could have toxins that are rising into their condo unit. Just want to err on the side of caution and have someone check the sheds/area near sheds to make sure residents/visitors remain safe and no hazardous fumes/toxins are getting into units or being released at all. Basically just trying to make sure everyone is safe and free from toxins/chemicals/asbestos. Thank you.
  • Asbestos ConcernAcknowledged
    2552 Foraker Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Beverly
    Pieces of siding and roofing blowing off of house.
  • Asbestos ConcernAcknowledged
    1742 Duncan Toledo, Ohio - Deveaux
  • 5516 Fenwick Dr Toledo, OH 43623, USA - Franklin Park
  • 3629 Rushland Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Deveaux
    I was walking my dogs down Rushland when I saw a lady dumping out her frying pan into her yard. After closer inspection I realized it was actually a catch basin she was dumping the grease into.
  • 5330 Winona Dr Toledo, OH 43613, USA - Whitmer-Trilby