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  • Beach Walk West Haven, CT - West Haven

    I ride my bike on the boardwalk, from chicks to bradley point. usually about 4 times a week. I cant stand it people DO NOT listen to the markings on the sidewalk and walk all over the place. when i ride by them on my bike some pople are like watch where your riding that thing. The problem is I am on the proper side of the boardwalk. This really only happens from St. johns church to bradley point. its really annoying to have to slow down to a dragging pace and wait for people to move and then they get mad like im doing something wrong....Why dont they pay attention?

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  • 154 160 Kelsey Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    On 07/28/10 an 18 year old camp counselor at the West Haven Painter Park Camp struck my niece in the hand for a punishment. No DCF Report # 136 was filed under the law of mandated reporting, no police report was made, and one of the directors of the camp said: "There was two sides of the story". My niece has Rheumatoid Arthritis and her hand has been twitching for days. The camp has yet to report this felony assault on a minor by an 18 year old adult and has swept the whole affair under the rug.

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  • 1 Circle St West Haven, CT - West Haven
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  • 196 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Since July 3, the day of the "invasion" (the WHPD's words) of throngs of slobs who come to West Haven to watch the fireworks and, ostensibly, to celebrate their country's independence anniversary, every day since then there has been one and only one trash can on the corner of Beach St and Morse Ave. And each of those days, by early evening, while there are still many people on the beach, the trash can has looked like this: overflowing with garbage. The trash is collected the following morning, but that's not before some of that trash has found its way into the gutter, and the storm drain, and back out to the Sound. It's also unsightly and unsanitary. Public Works has chosen to put too few trash cans in this area, as it is, which is unconscionable given how many people flock to this area. The Savin Beach parking lot has ZERO trash cans in it (while I counted 6 in the parking lot behind the conference center this morning). Also, much of this trash contains recyclable materials -- at least a third of it is recyclabe -- which is reason enough to put a recycling container at this corner as well. Oh, here's another reason why West Haven needs to do more about recycling: it's state law. But don't take my word for it, visit Despite this law, West Haven refuses to comply with it, nor does it require its contracted trash hauler to comply with it.

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  • Beach West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    We visited West Walk this weekend, and took our daughter to the play area that is on the beach, across from the police/info building. The kids there were playing with cigarette butts found in the sand and we found a plastic knife under the slide. Underneath the gym it smells strongly of urine. Someone please "recycle" the sand from that area?!

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  • 343 Beach Street West Haven, CT - West Haven

    We reside in a 30 units condominiums building known as OCEANSIDE on Beach Street in West Haven.. The speeding and THE NOISE MAKING is unbearable.
    Several years ago we had a meeting with the mayor to discuss the SPEEDING and the UNBEARABLE NOISE issues. Nothing was done.
    Police present in the summer was tried ,but as soon as they go the speeders and the noise makers return. SPEED BUMPS are the only answer to these problems. They where placed all over the beach streets of Milford. Also on several streets in New Haven. In all these locations the problem was solved and there where no accidents.

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  • Thomas Street West Haven, CT - West Haven

    Cars park on both sides of the streets during snow storms still. In my several years in west haven I've never seen a violator towed or even ticketed?

    The real issue is the number of cars parking on streets and number of tenants living in these properties, but aside from that it would be great if the city would actually follow through on the parking ban ticketing. Thomas street still pretty messy because cars were parked on both sides of the streets.

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  • California St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    Green Cutlass Supreme, Florida Plates. This car has been there for 5 years with out of state plates from florida.

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  • Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    Savin Rock Parkade Shopping Plaza is full of litter; broken bottles and glass line the edges. The area between Family Dollar and Pete's Bar is so dirty and disgusting I hate walking through there. A good powerwash would make a big difference. Please clean this place up. Many many neighbors aew fed up with this eyesore spoiling our shoreline

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  • 398 Painter Dr West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    In front of my home is approx. 24 feet of severely cracked and broken cement sidewalk. It is the only bit of sidewalk on Painter Drive and is cracked due to the large and dying elm tree which is breaking up the cement. The tree is also cracking the curb and the pavement in the street. I have observed people trip over the cracks and serveral guests to my home have tripped and fallen due to this unsightly broken cement area.

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  • 85 Washington Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven

    the dog's name is Bella. I know, because this dog attacked me on the evening of Nov 26 2012 (less than 4 months ago), lunging up my hand as I pulled up and away on my dog's leash. I can only guess that the dog was originally going after my dog, but when she lunged at my hand, it was clear that she was attacking me. I have the scars from the three puncture wounds, and the 1 week course of antibiotics I had to go on as a result of a serious skin infection that resulted. I reported it that night to the PD, and a very caring and attentive animal control officer was at my house within 15 min. after taking a report from me, he then visited the owner of the dog, and called me the next day to confirm that the dog was current on rabies vaccination, was put on a 2week quarantine, and the owner fined $100 . That fine was not nearly enough, apparently, at least not as a deterrent, because last night the dog was off leash again, this time more than a block away from the owner's house. A man holding a leash, more than a half block away called after the dog, who didn't respond. Fortunately, the dog did not further pursue me and my dog. Today, I called the PD to report it, and the dispatch officer -- Standish -- said that I would have to be home between the hours of 8am and 4pm in order to report it, because Animal Control would not respond to a report of a dog off leash. I'm never home on weekdays during those hours -- I work! When I inquired, "even a dog with a history of attacking people?", Standish said, "sorry, that's protocol." I could try on the weekend, when I'm home. What this means is that a dog with a known history of aggression towards other dogs and people will be at large in our community, and my effort at exhibiting proper civic responsibility does me or my fellow West Haven citizens any good, because of the PD protocol.

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  • BLIGHT Archived
    255 Beach St West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    This newly built house was completed and moved into months ago, and yet the homeowner has ignored cleaning up the yard, with two big piles of debris overgrown with weeds, including the aggressively invasive mugwort. Their second-floor deck is all nicely laid out with furniture, grill, etc., and spotless cars and trucks crowd the driveway, but this is what we have to look at each day. Perhaps they're just trying to match the rest of their block, from the abandoned bait shop and abandoned trailer-homes, to the next door dumps.

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