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  • Kids vs. Cars Acknowledged
    148-160 Cold Spring Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    The intersection at Everit & Cold Spring Streets is a dangerous one. The cars rarely stop for the stop sign- braking only when oncoming traffic decides to go. This pattern makes it an outrageously dangerous situation for our kids walking to school. In addition, the one safety precaution in place-- the crossing guard posted at that spot-- is frequently late and generally leaves even before school starts, so the kids who are running late (and not necessarily paying attention to traffic) are left to fend for themselves. Today, the crossing guard did not show up at all. The question is not IF a child will be hit by a car, but WHEN if this continues.

    The issue has three parts: 1. What times are the crossing guards SUPPOSED to be present at their stations? 2. How do we ensure the crossing guard is there during the designated times? 3. What can the police do to make it a reasonably safe place for pedestrians to cross? Please help now.

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  • 242 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock

    Everywhere in New Haven, drivers treat red lights only as suggestions and speed straight through them, especially if the light has just changed. I see this happen every day, but I've never seen anyone get pulled over for it. It's especially bad at Canner and Whitney. The NHPD and YPD need to crack down before someone gets killed.

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  • Drug Traffic Archived

    Simple "1 car, 2 car"; drug deals happening at all hours along nicoll st. just around the corner from the shell gas station. I personally see 15 or more per day.

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  • 210 Willow St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock

    Formerly a dry cleaning business, the building is in extremely unsafe condition: leaking roof, broken windows, rotting floor, rear door unsecured. There is old dry cleaning equipment, probably dry cleaning chemical contamination and waste, asbestos from a rusting boiler, and the building's foundation is rotten and open to the elements creating a rodent problem and allowing rainwater to enter and possibly contaminate groundwater and the surrounding soil with pollutants.

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  • Schools Archived
    181 Mitchell Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Reinstate Cross High School student council leadership elections

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  • East Rock Park -- Playground New Haven, CT - East Rock

    The playground at East Rock Park (College Woods) is heavily used but for as long as I can remember, the latches at the two gates have never worked. This ain't good, folks. It's a safety issue for the kids who play there and a peace of mind issue for the parents of the kids.

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  • 74-128 E Rock Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Motorcycles without mufflers pass by and create a horrible racket in our home. Are there any noise laws in New Haven that could be enforced?

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  • Whitney Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Does NHPD actually enforce noise ordinances against loud car stereos or excessive motorcycle noise?

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  • Livingston & Canner New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Happens every street cleaning day: tow trucks driving 50 miles an hour and blowing through all the stop signs - with a cop car leading the way!

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  • All Of East Rock New Haven, CT - East Rock

    There are too many streets in East Rock where the odd sides were NEVER PLOWED and a number of streets, especially Lawrence, is essentially a one-way road due to cars parking with the ice/snow and two cars not being able to fit through the street at the same time. Why did the city just skip East Rock?

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  • Nash St. New Haven, CT - East Rock

    The Park on Nash is a beautiful New Haven Greenspace. However, it is not what it was even one year ago. The park is full of trash, and the gravel and footstones are gone. The picnic tables have been completely deconstructed or destroyed, and the gazebo is run down. Perhaps we could re-fix this lot up as a neighborhood activity in order to make it the beautiful spot it once was.

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  • 141 Nicoll St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Bike thief stole a bike last night and got away from cops. He came back at midnight to retrieve the bike that he had left, for the one he had stolen, and had once again gotten away from the cops. He came back this morning and retrieved his bike and was spotted casing Foster St. He is Black, 5'9" wearing a brown hoodie with a black coat over it that has red stripes on the sleeves. He was seen walking a red Specialized mountain bike with a plastic bag over the seat. If you see him call NHPD and you can tell them it's related to case# 18068

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