Stenton and Mount Airy Avenue

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  • 100 -- 400 Blocks Of East Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Daycare center serving 60 families on 300 block of East Walnut Lane is a nightmare to try to reach after a snow storm.
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  • NO TRASH CANS Archived
    3201-3249 Ryan Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    There is a 2.5 mile stretch called the "loop" were their aren't any trash cans. I've contacted Boyle and Henon's office months ago and haven't been promised anything yet. We have the trash cans, just need someone in the "Streets Dept" to tell them to collect it.
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  • 18th Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Lets make South Philadelphia a cleaner place to live and put a new big belly solar powered trash unit so we don't have dirty streets. With chaos on this corner it will be of great use. Please help
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  • 924 S 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This new store getting ready to open on the NW corner of 20th & Carpenter Streets is a disgrace. First, they breached the party wall through the back into the neighboring property. Next, they installed an air conditioner unit right out on the sidewalk (Carpenter St side). And today they have installed very ugly & DEFINITELY ILLEGAL awnings. They have no permission, variances or anything else that would be required to allow them to do these things. Neighbors unite against this blight!!
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  • 2842 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA - Brewerytown
    This deli not only sells food but also those nice large 40 ounces of beer. It won't be such an issue if the patrons of Non-Stop Deli won't relieve themselves on 29th Street especially in front of residential homes where there are children. Please help the residents of 29th Street by Non-Stop Deli.
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  • 738 S Chadwick St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    There is a sidewalk/curbside parking issue on the 738-769 block of Chadwick street. Emergency and delivery vehicles cannot access the street and visually impaired pedestrians cannot walk on the sidewalk of the street, all because folks are parking their cars halfway on the sidewalk and street. I almost hit a family of 5 with my car that was walking in the middle of the street because there was no room for them to safely walk on the sidewalk. Citations need to be given to those who illegally park. Phila Parking Auth explains that, in any situation, it is illegal to park on a sidewalk. Most of those who park don’t reside on the block at all!
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  • 1238 N. Palethorp Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    There is an abandoned house at this location & the back yard has become a dumping ground for all sorts including: bikes, bricks, cartons, & general trash items.
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  • 305 E Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    NEC Walnut Lane & Morton - brick sidewalk on corner property that has been allowed to become overgrown with grass and weeds and is in general disrepair. Exposed brick is narrow footpath with grass/weeds covering remainder of brick. Uneven brick path is as narrow as approx 18 inches most of the way around the corner. Additionally, property is often strewn with trash on Walnut Lane exposure and overgrown vegetation from property partly blocks sidewalk. Neighborhood is home to many elderly and disabled persons. Children's daycare is just north of property on Walnut Lane.
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  • 2200 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This issue has been reported to the police on multiple occasions to no avail. The building on the eastern end of the 2200 block of Saint Albans is falling apart, with broken and boarded-up windows. Yet it still houses a suspicious-looking "Checks Cashed" store and several unsavory characters, while serving as the location for the ongoing, blatant and shameless sale of both drugs and sexual favors. This is unsightly, a fire hazard, and a drive-by waiting to happen, despite the police's nonchalance. Please help us stop this!
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  • 1817 E York St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    Brickwork on curtain walls on E YORK ST and E BOSTON ST is failing. Brick dust on pavement. Holes in brickwork.

    70+ missing/damaged windows throughout complex

    Fire tower on E BOSTON ST has collapsed stairs and open entry door. This is unsecured and open to anyone to enter.

    Aluminum gate along JASPER ST side of complex is not secure, vagrants entering/leaving complex

    Presence of vagrants / fire hazard

    Missing roof structure on E YORK side of complex, in danger of collapse

    Unsecured elevator shafts in complex - death trap

    Large hole in fume tower on E BOSTON side of complex you can see through this hole into the building. Bricks above hole are shifting. Danger of wall collapse.

    Missing doors on JASPER ST fire tower. Fire escape decks poss. separating from structure. Poss. collapse hazard.

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  • Horrible stench Acknowledged
    739 Earp St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Passyunk Square
    There is an horrible stench coming from this house that is so bad the neighbors a half block in any direction can no longer open their windows. And there's a rat problem now, too. What is the smell? Who knows? Cats/dogs/death?
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  • 2608 W Master St Philadelphia, PA - Brewerytown

    The southeast corner of the Athletic Square Park is controlled by a traffic light at 26th and Master Streets. Given this traffic light, as well as another light at 25th St, motorists have approximately a 1/4 mile of unencumbered streets when the lights are green to increase their speeds to unsafe levels. Therefore, vehicles regularly approach speeds of 40-45mph at the entrance to the park and pool.

    Residents support a study to be performed by the Streets department to assess traffic calming measures. One solution proposed at this intersection is a stop sign to ensure that all traffic must come to a stop before proceeding. We appreciate the Street Department's involvement to ensure that the children and adults who frequent the park are not put at an unnecessary risk as they enter and exit this popular park.

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