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  • 612 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    The yard behind Saigon Maxim, a restaurant located at 612 Washington Avenue, is abused as an open-air trash pit. The refuse from the restaurant is left to putrify on the ground in half-open garbage bags, carelessly tossed on the ground or into the open bed of a beat up trash truck. The residents of the 600 block of Federal St are most affected as their windows face the yard and the rodents come and go via the gate on Federal St.

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  • 801 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    Content blocked by rejections

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  • 606 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    Overflowing dumpsters, illegal construction dumping

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  • Illegal Curb Cut Acknowledged
    622 Bainbridge Sreet Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    A house (624-28 Bainbridge) that already has 4 interior parking spaces built an addition (622 Bainbridge) and added a fifth. The Streets Department granted a curb cut, but #622 was never re-zoned to authorize the changed use. The owner has pursued his curb cut despite clearly articulated neighborhood opposition and the reality of the need for public parking so close to South Street. It is a case of public good versus private entitlement. When the property owner tried to get the curb cut in 2009, it was stopped and neighbors unanimously petitioned Councilman DiCicco to have a public hearing. That never happened, nor has there been a zoning hearing or notice. We have petitioned again, this time with more anger on our block than even before.

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  • 1101 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Bella Vista

    Cars parked in bike lane. Orange traffic cones in lane, presumably the property of adjacent condominium building.

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  • Bainbridge St At 2nd Philadelphia, Pa - Queen Village

    Reported from my mobile device

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  • 1300 Block Of Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    #94056 has been archived but the problem has not gone away.

    Please FIX this problem -- don't just archive it. This is unsafe for bicyclists - and the store is using the public right-of-way and putting bicyclists in the way of high-speed motorists.

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  • 1300 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square

    Double whammy from 13th through auto repair shop, forget the name, and a discount furniture store both with double parked cars, signage and and employees blocking the bicycle lane. Traffic in the right lane moves quickly, so it can be harrowing getting around the obstacles.

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  • Dog Barking Archived
    1230 Peters Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Passyunk Square

    Someone keeps their pit-bull mix dog in their their tiny backyard. The backyard is also full of junk, so this poor dog has no space and no shelter and barks non-stop to be let in the house. This is extremely annoying to the neighbors (especially at 5am), and not very humane to the dog. 12 hours a day of barking/whining can drive anyone crazy.

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  • 815 S Mildred St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Bella Vista
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  • Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    Washington Avenue is a mess between front and Broad. There are NO lane lines painted (literally none.) The avenue has become a "Wild West" for drivers who weave in and out of lanes, run red lights and double park along the Italian Markets.

    In March a young girl was killed while crossing the road in an intersection where no pedestrian crossings were painted by a driver running a red light. Are we surprised that this is happening? It feels as if the city has completely forgot about one of it's busiest corridors.

    On 9th Street specifically, thousands of people cross Washington Ave on a daily basis while they shop at the markets. About a year ago it appeared that the city started to re-do the crossing lines, but never finished. The entire length of Washington from Front to Broad is just one big cement corridor. As a biker, pedestrian and driver, I have seen some of the most dangerous driving on this road. What does the city expect to happen?

    We've called the police on folks double parked on Washington more times then we can count. Folks are never ticketed and you can actually watch cop cars drive right past the double parked cars. Drivers are constantly forced to dodge parked cars...

    Let's take back Washington Ave! It could be a great corridor...

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  • 1100 South 11th Street Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    The restaurants that use the dumpsters on 11th Street between Washington and Ellsworth - across from the 7-11 - leave the doors to the dumpsters open, and allow trash water and/or cleaning supplies to just drain into the street drain. It's gross, smelly and also dangerously slippery on the sidewalk.

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