Town of Ellington, Ct

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  • Cider Mill Rd Ellington, CT - Ellington

    bad frost heave in road all year from poor patch job

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  • Intersection Of Windermere Ave And Grand Blvd. Ellington, CT 06029, USA - Ellington

    Road seems to be caving in

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  • West Rd Ellington, CT - Ellington

    When are neighbors required to clean up fallen trees? Some still have downed trees and limbs on property lines. Can the town step in?

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  • Ellington Ave. Ellington, CT - Ellington

    Excessive speeding on this road. Trucks, cars'. This needs to be addressed immediately. at least 80 mph or better.

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  • Route 83 Ellington, CT - Ellington

    Pot hole in the center of the roadway. Perfect sized to fit my motorcycle tire into.
    Located southbound lane just south of the Route 83 / Mountain St intersection

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  • Geraldine Drive Ellington, CT - Ellington

    There is a basketball hoop set up in the road that sticks out several feet. The raod is not wide, and the stand for the hoop is black, making it difficult to see at night and leaving the real potential that someone could hit driving on that road.

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  • W Shore Rd Crystal Lake, CT 06029 - Crystal Lake

    The RT 30 Stafford "end" of W Shore Rd is much too narrow for the posted 20 mph speed limit. It used to be 15 mph.

    Majority of the road has no shoulder or sidewalks. There's no center lane marking from boat launch to Stafford's line.

    When vehicles are parked on the pavement, its almost impossible to

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  • Street Signs Archived
    2-98 Bellawood Drive Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest

    No street identification sign

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  • 36 Main Street Ellington, Connecticut - Ellington

    Several weeks ago some road work was done across the street from the fire department at 29 Main St. .(CT Route 286). A hole of several square feet was cut in the pavement for the work. From the outset, the hole was never adequately filled, and it has continued to settle. Large trucks passing by hit that hole hard enough to shake my house and, more importantly, whatever work was done in that hole. It needs immediate attention

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  • pot holes Archived
    Pinney St Ellington, CT - Ellington

    on south bound side of road near nutmeg dr.

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  • Rte 83 Near Valero Ellington, CT - Ellington

    Sink hole it forming again

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  • West Shore Rd+ Crystal Ball Court Ellington, CT - Crystal Lake

    There are 2 street lights out coming over the peak in the road on West Shore going toward Crystal Ball court. One at the top of the peak+ the next one at the corner of crystal ball court. Dangerous as it is a bus stop for kids in the morning+ it is dark. Thanks

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