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  • 2024 W Main St Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan

    The entire alley has tons of deep potholes and has eroded to the point where I can no longer get my car in to my driveway. Having a paved driveway was a selling feature of my house and now I can't even use it. You can see from the picture that the alley may have been paved at one point. My neighbor at 2028 West Main also has a paved driveway and told me that cars can't access his driveway either. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • 2707 E. Marshall Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill

    The brick sidewalk at the corner of 27th and Marshall is in bad shape. A tree root as tore up most of the walkable part between the bakery and the bike shop. There are approximately five businesses on this corner. Lots of foot traffic in the area. Is it possible it can be repaired?

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  • 3200 E. Marshall St Richmond, VA - Chimborazo

    In May of 2012 (see, I reported that the metal wire trash cans had gone missing at the bus stop at the corner of E. Marshall and E. Broad St.. These trash cans were never replaced and this corner (close to two convenience stores and a well-used bus stop) continues to be a huge problem. Bottles, cans, plastic bans often end up on the sidewalk, in the street, and on adjacent properties. Periodically, neighbors place city super cans, bags for the trash, plastic trash cans and people use them. This suggests to me that a trash can would be used and better still a recycling can/trash combo. I understand that the city did not want to replace the metal can as it was probably stolen by recyclers, but it's an important and well-used corner. How about repurposing an underused solar compactor (the one at 25th and E. Broad comes to mine)?

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  • 521 N 24th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    Every time it rains, our corner -- the sidewalk, the street, our yard -- floods because the sewer on the corner (Leigh Street + 24th Street) doesn't drain properly. It's actually been repaired once before, but only cosmetically. We still have this problem; in fact it seems worse.

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  • 9 N. Mulberry Street/11 N. Mulberry St. Richmond, VA - The Fan

    Two large, overgrown trees are located outside of 9 N. Mulberry St. and 11 N. Mulberry St. These trees have long dead branches that hang over my property and pose a threat during storms. More importantly, the roots of the tree in front of 11 N. Mulberry are causing the sidewalk and front yard to buckle, therefore, causing damage. The trees should be removed or at least trimmed so that the large branches aren't hanging over my home.

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  • 100 North 28th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    The stretch of brick sidewalk on the west side of 28th Street just north of Franklin has become pocked by missing bricks and tree roots. One person has already broken a leg because of this.

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  • 3208-3212 Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District

    A man at this location has a yard sale every Saturday. He spills his items onto the public sidewalk and sits in the road with a sign trying to get people to stop. This has become a business/street vendor, not a yard sale.

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  • potholes Archived
    5115 Commerce Road Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 2

    Lots of potholes along this strecth of the road.

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  • 5115 Commerce Road Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 2

    Several large and deep potholes are located on the southern end of Commerce Rd (between the Bells Rd light at McDonalds & where Commerce Rd ends at the DuPont back gate). This is a much traveled section of Commerce and it's near impossible to miss these holes.

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  • Potholes Archived
    Boulevard Road Richmond va - Rosedale

    Getting off of i-95 south onto Boulevard is not a fun experience.

    This exit ramp has several major sections that appear to have lost many inches of pavement.

    It is an extremely rough section of road that is traveled by many every day. I know my car is no happy with this section of road and you have to be ready for it or it will send you skipping across the lane!!!

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  • 5160 Commerce Rd RICHMONE , VA - Richmond Precinct 2

    Dozens of potholes both N and S bound. Must drive down the middle of the road to "straddle" them. This is a high traffic road for tankers in and out of DuPont. Please consider re-paving the entire section.

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  • 208 South Addison Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan

    Someone has spray painted "ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARKS?" and "YOU ARE NOT SAFE" on the pedestrian walkway

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