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  • 334 W Duval St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    In the vacinity of 348-358, a very large pothole has been present since the big snowstorms. The street is brick and the bricks keep breaking increasing the size of the hole.

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  • 6370-6398 Sherman St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    Fire Hydrant needs a new cap because it's missing and water in running out.

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  • 212 W Duval St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    This street needs to be plowed from McCallum Street through Green. It is nothing but ridges of ice.

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  • 6344 Mccallum Street Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    There is an older model white Ford F150 with expired inspection, no current reg on tags and white wax marker writing all over rear windshield indicating that the truck has been impounded or towed before.

    Truck has been parked on McCallum just east of Duval. Truck does not belong to any neighbors on 6300 McCallum.

    PA tag - YVC-5089

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  • 213 W Pomona St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    There's a black BMW that is clearly inoperable and has been sitting in the same location for several months now. PA License plate GJK1045. Car is not locked and there appears to be debris accumulating in the vehicle.

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  • abandoned auto Acknowledged
    Unit Block W. Duval Street Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    2008/9 Honda Electra
    lic. # GTS9822
    This car has been sitting for two weeks, and people are passing checking it out each day.

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  • 200 W Duval St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    There has been a white pick-up truck parked illegally (facing the wrong direction) for the past couple of months with no movement. Registration is expired.
    PA Tag - YBC 5089

    Vehicle is sitting just below the intersection of McCallum and Duval.

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  • 311-343 W Duval St Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    This street needs to be plowed.

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  • 201-213 West Duval Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Germantown

    There's a commercial truck parked on a residential street overnight and all day everyday...it very seldom moves. There had been a no overnight truck parking sign but it seems to have gone missing. There are others still standing on this same block. While the truck shouldn't be parked there overnight, there is a safety issue with where it is parked. Drivers making a right onto Duval from McCallum are not able to see cars approaching on Duval. Since both streets are particularly narrow with parking on both sides, this is an accident waiting to happen.

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  • 6368 Mccallum St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Germantown

    Property and sidewalk are overgrown with weeds and high vegetation growth. House is delapidated and possibly unsafe.

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  • Ambrose St Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    Even if they just salt that would suffice.

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